Saturday, August 6, 2011

Looking for Blood and Gore? We've got it.

When it comes to going all out for Halloween, sometimes you just want to get down and dirty. And when we say down and dirty, we mean really, really dirty - as in, decked out in blood and gore. We're not just talking to the gents. Who says ladies don't want to get their hand dirty now and again? If you're looking to gore it up this Halloween, we've got what you need. Into vampires? We've got custom deluxe fangs that will turn you from Bella to Edward, and blood paste to make that addiction to real live humans seem real. You can even go the extra step with our oversized Vampire ears. All the better to hear you with, my dear....

Staging a full on scene? We've got Hollywood blood to make that faux murder victim seem as real as it gets. More creepy than gory, we've also got a Wizard Nose and Chin set that's sure to help you mimic Albus Dumbledore or even Voldemort himself. To Hogwarts, you go!

If blood, guts and gore is your thing, Halloween Adventure is your place. Now, get shopping

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